Thank and welcome to my Live Leap Review

Live Leap is that the worlds initial & only Facebook Live syndication tool that shares your Live go after to your Facebook pages, groups, twitter, Linkedin, Email list & even mobile numbers the second you go live.


Facebook Live is Facebook’s latest live streaming service that's little or no doubt the long-term of Facebook selling.


The only balk of the live streaming with Facebook is, simply} simply will entirely share your live calls on one place, either your Facebook profile, cluster or fan page.


After you disclosed your live stream on one place you'd got to share it everywhere manually. There’s no feature to undertake and check out this mechanically which implies variant your followers won’t even apprehend that you’re having a live stream at this right moment.


Sharing your live streams manually will take variant it slow and you’ll lose several viewers and listeners. the choice answer would be to possess over one phone, pill or wholly totally different mobile devices to be ready to go keep it up multiple places.


Now you have the chance to use Facebook’s Live streaming service to its fullest extend with Live Leap.


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